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Vehicle Safety Inspections are an essential element in establishing suitability of your transport providers, in the UK or overseas.

Our engineers can carry out vehicle inspections either on site, by prior arrangement with the vehicle operator, or on vehicles in service, at appropriate and convenient locations, again with the operator’s prior consent. The scope and standard of these inspections is similar to that required by statutory annual vehicle tests for passenger and goods vehicles in the United Kingdom, subject only to the facilities available on site. In–service safety inspections also include a check of all vehicle and passenger safety equipment required in the country of operation. For a representative assessment of the fleet safety standard we recommend that a 20% random sample of the vehicles operated be subjected to an initial inspection.

During a normal working day, a vehicle engineer can usually inspect:

Vehicle Type Number               
Cars/Small Passenger/Goods Vehicles (up to 3.5t GVW) 10 vehicles
Or – Large Passenger/Large Goods Vehicles (2 axles) 8 vehicles
Or – Large Passenger/ Large Goods Vehicles (3 axles) 6 vehicles
Or – Large Passenger/ Large Goods Vehicles (4 axles) 5 vehicles
Or – combinations of PSV/LGV with or without trailers or semi-trailers. Assessed on the basis of the total number of axles not exceeding: 24 axles


All of our vehicle inspectors are fully qualified and experienced road transport engineers and are members of relevant professional bodies such as the Institute of Road Transport Engineers. Our Team Leader is an Incorporated Engineer who also conducts accident and equipment failure investigations and is registered with the Law Society as an Expert Witness.

A comprehensive and structured report on the safety standard achieved is prepared on each vehicle checked, this being normally completed as part of the inspection procedure.  A summary of the engineer’s findings is issued, highlighting any significant failure of safety standards, recurring faults or deficiencies observed and suggested items for action.

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